moving away from watching TV

i’m moving away from watching TV

not spending as much time watching TV

i would rather be on the internet or read a book, listen to music, listen to the radio

i no longer spend one penny on cable TV

no longer get cable TV

would not be willing to spend even one penny on cable TV if i could get it for that cheap

having said that, i do kind of miss the movies that would come on unexpectedly

yes i saw some good movies

so yes maybe if it were 5 bucks a month i might take cable TV

i don’t mean to say that all TV is evil or satanic.  far from it.  a lot of it is simply a waste of time

so please don’t misunderstand my recent posts

i think i’ve seen enough humor of the type of conan o brian or jimmy fallon

or jimmy kimmel

i’ve just moved on

God bless them though

and i do get some stations for free over the air

so….  good morning america sometimes has a certain magick

a kind of optimism

a kind of energy

i will miss a show that was on in the morning

in the heat of the night

sometimes it touched on racial strife and old money stories

it was well thought out, yet it was a small town in the south,

so it touched on a lot of different types of people, with law enforcement at the center

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