interactivity vs. being a taoist

to play a game

to engage in interactivity with the internet

two identities, in psychiatry, oppose each other

the patient, and the psychiatrist.

to play a game is, in and of itself, aberrant, devious, deviant

yet it is sexuality itself

it is that which promotes intelligence and created humanity

to be on the internet

is interactivity

if you share your thoughts and feelings

to go before a psychiatrist

to open your mouth

going after a goal, a purpose,

the psychiatrist will see through it

and will then label you as this or that

and force drugs on you

better to be a taoist

do nothing

lay down on bed every so often

do nothing

enjoy doing nothing

interactivity by definition is playing a game

if you are playing a game, the psychiatrist will see it, if you are in a facility

so, be interactive on the internet

tell the truth

but then be a taoist.

take a break from the internet.

don’t go on the internet for a while.  an hour, or a day, or a few days.

be non-interactive.

think about what is truly important in life.

think of the phrase, “motion and rest.”

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