hook operation on the TV set, insults, fear

what do we fear?

the TV set exists for some people, anyway,

in order to do “hook operation” on the soul of the fool

(or a potential fool)

and so the hook operation continues infinitely

through insults and hatred

the TV exists to try to find out what you fear

if you are an official enemy or a potential revolutionary

and then to create that scenario

do you fear being laughed at?

do you fear that one day you will discover that indeed you are a gay man?

do you fear that you will become gay and then never be able to come back to loving women sexually?

do you fear being insulted and laughed at, at the same time?

do you fear that one day you will go to prison?

do you fear you will attract the attention of the police, that you will be interrogated by the police?

do you fear you will always be alone?

do you fear you will be “the effeminate heterosexual?”

do you fear that even if you have a son, your son will call you gay?

do you fear you will never know who you are as a person?

do you fear?

the TV set exists through infinite hook operation in order to maximize fears, hatred, and to shape your view of who you are as a person through propaganda and hatred.

thus it is that on TV being gay is permanent, while in reality there are men who have lived a gay lifestyle, have repented, have embraced God, and have gone on to get married to a woman and be a father and a husband.

for whatever reason, the identity of being gay and the reality of the TV set are completely at one.  the so called identity of being gay, which is supposedly permanent, is one of the categories that is promoted by the satanic TV set.

the liberals who are in favor of equal rights for gay people, some of their comedians will then joke that michelle bachman’s husband is gay.  when in fact he is a courageous man who talks to people trapped by the gay lifestyle, who want to learn to love women.  the fact that he promotes the truth is the very reason he is hated so much by the anti-christians.

it is a form of satanic logic that goes like this:  some people are gay.  some people are straight.  you can’t help what you are.  it goes back to the day you were born.  it goes back to when you were conceived.  some men for example go from being straight, to being bisexual, to then being gay.  i don’t hate people.  i don’t hate anyone like that.  but i do think they are succumbing to a form of satanic logic that is all too common on the TV set.

another form of satanic logic is the idea that gay men have certain characteristics, and if you have those characteristics, then through “gay dar” you must be gay.  “gay dar” is like radar, supposedly, and people can tell if someone supposedly is gay.  interestingly, if you are polite, often that too is said to be a sign of being gay.  so, to be a Christian, to be honorable and respectful, to be chaste, is sometimes seen as evidence of being gay.  which of course is nonsense.

if you have a friend who openly and directly tells you that he does not believe in God, that he does not believe in marriage, that he does not believe a spirit or a soul exists, then avoid him.  he is not your friend.  if you are a Christian.  a Christian and an atheist cannot be unequally yoked even in friendship.  you can witness to him.  you can tell him about Jesus.  but that’s about all you can do.

so it is not unusual for someone like elton john to say, for example, that the world would be better off without Christianity, without religion of any kind.  it it not unusual for someone like elton john, a gay man, to say that Jesus himself was gay.

so you have a choice.  do you follow Jesus Christ?  or do you follow the world?

so what is the real form of logic?  just this:  follow Jesus.


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