who is the new enemy?

once the Soviets broke down

once communism was no longer an enemy

then we had to determine who the new enemy is

for a few year in silence of the lambs it was the serial killers

people who by definition are insane and evil

then it came upon the TV set, the realization

that cop shows would be all about yelling at, and hating criminals

and suspects

so the TV set exists to increase the total amount of hatred

we absorb this hatred

and then we internalize the investigation and interrogation

so there is something in each of us

that is potentially a criminal

and thus we are all suspects

the cops on TV hate all of us

and this endless interrogation, this endless investigation


in order for the cops to hate the criminals

they must first believe that the criminals are worthy of hatred

thus the two levels of society:

those who are heroes

and those who are worthy of hatred

likewise, the ordinary people pay their bills

but the homeless are those who are pushed into homelessness

through circumstances

now that there are no communists

we are divided in this way, down to our very souls:

those who are victims of the advertising, that happiness comes from spending money unnecessarily


those who are pushed into homelessness

for those who believe that politics is still possible,

that this society can be changed for the better,

it is not unusual for such people to be labelled “criminal”

and prosecuted.

i happen to believe in a society that has no homelessness, where everyone gets what they need

but i don’t like the idea of increasing taxes to get to that point

i would rather work on the hearts of each person, to be more generous with the poor.

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