i am no worse than anyone else, and no better, but i do have something of value to give.

the thing is, even if there is insult comedy on the TV set, and you get the impression that the whole world is laughing at you,

you can still derive self respect from a smile on your face, giving money for food, talking to the person, smiling,

saying thank you

“i am no better than anyone else

but i am also no worse than anyone else

now that Jesus has saved my soul

and wiped away all my sins, cleansed me

– i do have something of value to give the world.”

cleanliness is next to godliness.

so, in other words, before you go to the grocery store,

take a shower.  shave.  have a smile on your face.  drive as well as you can.

go about your business.  “the rich and the poor meet in the marketplace.  the Lord is the maker of them both.”

when you get home, read the Bible.  memorize the Proverbs.

to the extent that you gave your word that you would give X amount of money per week to your church

give that money

even if you have to send it in an letter to the church.

read ecclesiastes.

read the Bible.

TV is for those who want to see themselves as losers.

cleanliness is next to godliness.

wash your dishes, 100 percent, every day

repent for your sins

repent of your sins

be contrite.  you know just how sinful you were.

we are a step above the animals because we can choose good over evil

or if we do sin, we can repent and come to Jesus to be saved.

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