the killing of the soviet communism god, but the dialectic still lives on

now i will talk a little about david eddings’ series of books, the belgariad, and orson scott card’s ender’s game.

the main character, garion, finds out that it is his destiny to kill the evil god Torak.  of course this represents Soviet Communism.

so he gets the right sword, and the Orb of Aldur, in the sword, and he fulfills his destiny.  he kills the evil god Torak.  Communism in Russia falls.  likewise, in Ender’s Game, Ender himself defeats the evil empire that is against “us” which means Soviet Communism falls, China becomes just like America in terms of being capitalistic, etc.

the Fool is the Main Character, is the Hero.  “Max the Hero, paint a zero on his head.  here he comes now, stick to your guns, and let him through.”  sonic youth, daydream nation album.  this is the Hero.  this is the Fool.  this is the Main Character.  this is Reagan having enough courage to say to Gorbachev, at the Berlin Wall, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”  God bless the soul of Reagan.

likewise it is John Paul II, pope.  it is Margaret Thatcher.  it is freedom.  it is the Berlin Wall coming down.  it is the destruction of Communism in Russia.  it is the Eastern bloc countries forming alliances with Western Europe and the U.S.

i believe Russia as it is today is actually stronger than the Soviet Union was.  why?  because the Soviet Union’s power relied on fear.  there was one organization.  it was the Communist Party.  in America there were multiple organizations.  that’s why America was stronger than the Soviet Union.  in America organizations could be born, live, change, and die.  or some of them still survive across the years, changing when they need to, to survive.  in the Soviet Union there was only one organization, the Communists, and they were the god that failed.

having said all of that, is the dialectic dead?  what about democracy?  what about participation?  now we must engage the 99 percent of people who are not rich.  not just do good things for the one percent of the wealthiest.  the dialectic is not dead.  politics is not dead.  now we have the desire, or we should have the desire, to equalize.  to get the wealthy to give away their money.  to teach youngsters about the value of giving to the less fortunate.  to teach youngsters about the problems that arise when people hoard their own money and don’t share what they have with the less fortunate.

we will be making the perfect city.  the dialectic leads to the perfect city, so says hegel’s philosophy.

the dialectic is between spirit, on the one hand, and matter on the other.  spirit says, be saved by Jesus.  matter says, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, take care of people, give a place to live to the homeless.  spirit says, if Jesus make you free, you shall be free indeed.  free from addictions.  free from self-destructive behavior.  matter says, love each other, take care of each other, provide food and lodging even to those who cannot afford it.

what else about belgariad?

it talks a lot about magick.  do i believe in magick?  i used to study magick.  now magick comes to me.  but i do not desire it all that much.  it might be in the song lyrics.  it might be in a coincidence.  it might be in poetry.  it might be in a work of art.  a movie.

i do not study magick anymore.  now that i want to be saved by Jesus, Jesus comes into my heart, and saves me.  then i don’t need “my junk and my jewels.”  “struggling like a fool with my junk and my jewels.  you would have thought i’d had enough.”  –the church, heyday album.

so, there may be a time in a person’s life when they have a craving to learn about magick.  but the time comes when Jesus enters the picture, and all of that other stuff becomes unimportant.  still, when there are coincidences, it may be God’s way of saying, pay attention.  there might be something for you to do.

i would not now read the belgariad.  it talks about multiple gods and goddesses.  it talks about magick.  the Fool, the Hero, went ahead and now soviet communism is dead.

but does that mean that communal possessions, the idea, is dead?  does that mean that the dialectic is dead?  the early Christians held their property in common.

does the triumph of capitalism mean that everything in the world has a price?  does it mean that as a species we have sold our souls to the devil, and that everything is for sale?  i want to believe that some things are not for sale.  nature in its wild form should be preserved.  we should preserve what we can of Mother Nature.

Mother Earth is being driven crazy, and that’s why we have these extreme weather events, these super storms, these hurricanes.

i am glad that africa is no longer the battleground between proxy war people, some on the side of America, some on the side of the Soviets.  i am glad Africa is becoming wealthier.

and of course Africa is getting wealthier because of capitalism.  i am glad of that.

but is the meaning of life simply to make the earth into a shopping center, to kill Mother Nature?  are we engaged in matricide?

thus, the dialectic keeps going on.  i am not content if a group of billionaires live somewhere and people are starving elsewhere.  and i will speak my mind.  i will not shut up.  i will speak in favor of a transformation of the heart, through Jesus Christ.  i think Jesus would want us to share with the less fortunate.

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