the One Ring, the destruction of it, and its replacement in the wedding ring

the following writing is based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s the Lord of the Rings:

in some sense Frodo, his friends, Gandalf the wizard, Aragorn son of Arathorn, the rightful King, and Gollum are all related to the same being, the same reality.

it is Gandalf who sets the mission up.  Frodo must go East and destroy the One Ring.

it is Gollum who is the loathsome creature, a being that lives only for the One Ring, to try and get it back.

Gollum represents the one who desires pleasure above all else, but does not desire to get married and start a family.

Gollum represents the single man who uses tools (such as any kind of pornography) to increase pleasure.  Gollum is a single man who for example, eats raw fish.  this is the symbol of a single man, all alone, who eats exactly what he wants to eat, and how he eats is entirely up to him.  he is a single man who does not desire to get married and have children and do his duty for society.

thus the man who is addicted to pornography is Gollum.  likewise, the man who is addicted to anything, alcohol, buying things on the internet, collecting things, if his main effort is not to woo a woman and raise children, then he is Gollum.

the internet is a tool raised to an infinite power.  thus, the addict of pornography only has to go one step in the direction of pornography, and it will all be there, free and infinite.  thus, to overcome one’s addictions requires the help of Jesus.

the One Ring represents, for example, using a credit card to buy something “instantly” and have it delivered to your door.

the One Ring is using tools to get what you want.  the internet, as a tool raised to the infinite power, thus becomes the One Ring, which simply represents power itself, and power in order to get pleasure, or to increase your goods, or to possess.

we are using the One Ring, capitalism, as a society, while at the same time we are destroying Mother Nature.  thus, the One Ring is using pornography, or advertising, to enter a mall, to make the world into a mall, to destroy forests, pollute lakes, rivers, oceans, water, air, soil.  we are not thinking long term.  we are thinking very very short term, and this too is the One Ring.

Aragorn son of Arathorn has a fractured sword that must be reforged by the High Elves, and then he must at the same time desire to fulfill his destiny, his fate, his being King.  this means that the single man who desires to get married must desire as well to be a father and a husband, a good father, and a good husband, in order to be a King of a fruitful land.  to do otherwise is to merely be Strider, a ranger, a man who lives all by himself out in the wilderness.  Aragorn must be King, based on his heredity, because ultimately he is a son of Kings, but also he must choose his destiny as well, to be King.  here too is where free will meets destiny in the present moment.  but without the courage and overcoming of fear that is present in Frodo, in going East in order to destroy the One Ring, there would be no fruitful marriage between King and Queen.  so Frodo’s courage, even in the face of what seems like overwhelming odds, is the centerpiece of the books.

when the evil is vanquished and the King comes back, then the King is married to the Queen, the wedding ring having replaced the One Ring as a source now of goodness, not evil.  this is the infinite desire for pleasure and power, but now in the eyes of God it is sanctified by marriage itself, and by the efforts needed to raise children well.

be careful of those who use a lot of profanity and references to casual sex.  they are engaged in a kind of ungodly sado-masochism and wish to draw you into it.  it is a kind of lifestyle without fearing God.  if they feared God, and kept his commandments, obviously they would not be using a lot of profanity and referring to casual sex.  this too is the One Ring, it is the world showing forth its filthy “jewel” which is to be rejected, the “jewel” of lust and lust satisfied, outside of the will of God.

the fact that the One Ring is destroyed by also killing Gollum means that the zero self respect Gollum himself must be destroyed in the very act of the King marrying the Queen and with the new wedding rings that represent a sacred vow, sacred to God as well.

the fact that the One Ring is destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom means that doom represents fate.  it is destiny.  it is fate.  yet it must also be chosen.  Frodo must do what he must do.  he must choose to do so.  in that sense there is free will, to the extent that you must choose to do what you are destined to do.  you must choose to do that which is your duty.  here is where free will meets destiny.  here is where free will meets karma.  the King was destined to marry the Queen.  Frodo is destined to destroy the One Ring.

i advocate taking time for internet.  but if you take an hour for internet, however, take a half hour or so for “doing nothing” which is a form of meditation.  lie on a bed in a mostly dark room.  contemplate Mother Nature being destroyed.  is it worth it to listen to worldly music, music that has profanity in it, pornography, advertising, things to take your mind off of the pollution, the cutting down of forests, the radioactive waste, the poisons?  all people with a conscience should read Joanna Macy’s books and start getting active in trying to preserve what is left of Mother Nature, Mother Earth.

when you think of the pollution, the poisoning of the world, the genetically modified seeds, the butterflies dying because of the genetically modified food, the bees dying out, the radioactive waste, the clear cutting, then it is clear:  madmen are in charge of the world.  there are those with billions of dollars living alongside those who are starving to death.  meanwhile we are supposed to be “shopping.”  when a terrorist attack occurs, we are told to go “shopping.”  i am as much against terrorism as anyone else.  i am fully against it.  having said that, i also believe in preserving what is left of Mother Nature.  Mother Earth.  the One Ring represents a kind of foolishness.  and capitalism is built upon taking money from fools.  to some extent.  so simplify.  meditate.  contemplate helping Mother Nature.  “do nothing.”  simplify.  purify.

we should have a society based on sharing.  not so much based on “getting all this stuff for myself.”  a society based on sharing.  a society based on potlatch.  the rituals of sharing one’s goods.  even the American Indians, centuries ago, understood the need to have a society based on sharing.  when the white people came over, we came with an insane philosophy, a philosophy that is now destroying Mother Nature.  we need to moderate.  we need to understand the Temperance card of the tarot deck.  one thing we need to do is to learn from our American Indian brothers and sisters.  Temperance means to go between two extremes.  to moderate.  to take the middle path.  don’t be doing things all the time.  take some time to “do nothing” or meditate.

rather than say that capitalism must be destroyed, that the One Ring must be destroyed, i would advocate the middle path.  eat what you need to.  shop when you need to, to get the clothing you need.  but don’t think all the time about eating or shopping or buying new clothing.  study Jesus.  especially study the words of Jesus.  give to charity when you can.  simplify.  purify.  meditate, or “do nothing” for a half hour, or 45 minutes, here and there.  don’t be travelling all the time.  study the tao te ching.  (one of the wisest books i have ever read.)  don’t define yourself by your shopping.  do what you can to advocate for keeping some places in the world wild and free of capitalism’s destructive powers.

to the extent that the One Ring represents capitalism itself, tools like the internet itself, then i argue that it doesn’t need to be destroyed.  we are making one world through the internet.  the internet is the seed of the next step in human evolution.  but to the extent that the One Ring represents evil or addiction, then all natural methods are preferable to using a tool or electricity.  for example, sex i would argue is all good.  it’s all good.  it’s what is necessary to create the new generation.  but sex plus pornography is evil, i would argue.  pornography is the use of electricity to create a tool, to create separation between two people, the use of money, as in prostitution, or in paying the people involved in pornography, is also evil.  better to be a taoist.  “kill the headlights and put it in neutral.”  turn off the lights, do nothing, meditate, and eventually the truth will come to you.

the internet can fuel addictions.  so be mindful.  God is ever present.  to use credit cards too much is a form of slavery, a form of gambling.  the addiction is related to the idea that “i can do whatever i want forever and no one will stop me.”  of course behind this is a secret guilt.  that’s why the 12 steps talks about acknowledging that there is a Power greater than oneself.  and also that all the secret guilts be confessed to another human being.

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