moving a little bit at a time (baby steps) and stress free learning

i enjoy the film “what about bob?”

which is a story about a man who has a lot of fears, a lot of phobias

and his doctor has a book out about “baby steps”

so bill murray the main character “baby steps” to the door, “baby steps” to the elevator, etc.  a good movie.

he’s overcoming his phobias, by taking one small step at a time.

i personally think america and china would not be enemies in the future, the more people speak each other’s languages and understand the culture of the other.

so……  i am dedicating myself (a bit anyway) to the study of chinese and japanese language and culture.

it can be done.  you can learn a foreign language.  take little steps, baby steps, and it can be done.  stress free learning is the way to go, i believe.  for people getting education in the future.  where everything is to be gained, and there is no downside.  do the homework to learn the skill or understand the points being made, the interpretations, but in general i believe once you are an adult, there is a part of you that doesn’t want to go back to doing homework, with positive results for stressful actions and stress resulting from not doing it, so both positive and negative results.  instead, i believe in only positive results, stress free learning.

in other words, push yourself but move at your own pace.  i believe children can learn calculus, if they are taught very simply and step by step.  anyone can become fluent in japanese and chinese.  you can learn about zen.  you can learn about confucius.  so, there is nothing wrong with knowing how to do something, or how to understand something, how to interpret it.  understand what you can, and do your best, and give yourself permission to learn about another country.  even something as daunting as learning chinese language is possible if you take one small step at a time, stress free learning.

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